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In-House Testing

To deliver to our customers the best in UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X security solutions, CyberSoft products are tested against the highest industry standards, utilizing a multi-layered testing strategy.

The first layer of internal testing is to determine that VFind will detect each individual virus signature that it's designed to detect. Our next round of tests ensures that VFind does not falsely identify legitimate files as infected files, which could interfere with the operations of our customers.

The next layer of testing is performed on a daily basis:

  • Wildcore Test: All virus samples in our Wildcore-DB should be detected by new VDL set. We update our Wildcore-DB monthly and the size is growing continuously.
  • Falsehit Test: All clean samples in our Falsehit-DB should not be detected by new VDL set. In addition to this regular test, our engineers perform additional falsehit tests with a much larger more comprehensive falsehit database.
  • VDL Syntax Test: To check if the VDLs properly follow CVDL syntax.
  • VDL Duplicate Test: To avoid having duplicate VDLs.

Currently, we post new VDLs every morning, after successful completion of the above tests.

If any one of the tests fails, VTP stops posting procedures and sends a failure notification to related people to investigate the issue. If we or customers receive a (posting) notification email, that means our new VDL set successfully passed all the four tests.

Third-Party Testing

In addition to our own quality assurance, we have third-party testing organizations carry out further tests to ensure that we are supplying the best quality security products to our customers.

West Coast Labs

West Coast Labs is an independent organization with headquarters and testing facilities in the United States, Europe, as well as Asia. They have developed the Checkmark Certification System, recognized all over the world as a reliable testing platform for information security products. For a product to be certified Anti-Virus Checkmark, it must be able to detect all viruses which are "in the wild." Information security products are tested four times per year at random intervals and without warning. This gives clear and unbiased assurance to our customers that we can be relied upon to protect their data.

By joining the Checkmark Certification System, CyberSoft has demonstrated it's commitment to providing a high-quality security solution.

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