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VFind VStick

The VStick is a self-contained USB hardware device which provides a secure, always-clean operating environment and platform for sensitive computing. The VFind VStick system is based on Linux and derived from Ubuntu, using RAM-disk technology to ensure that you are always operating in a clean environment. The VStick allows you to use your computer outside the hostile environment of the primary operating system.

VFind VStick is offered in two editions: Financial and SysAdmin. See below to choose the edition which best suites your needs.

VFind VStick Financial

VStick Financial Image The VFind VStick Financial edition leverages the safe environment provided by the VStick platform to allow you to more safely perform sensitive tasks online. In addition, it also provides access to secure storage, encrypted via AES 256-bit encryption, for safe storage of sensitive documents.

VFind VStick Financial will allow you to safely perform:

  • Online banking
  • Paying bills online
  • Making purchases online
  • All online transaction requiring a Social Security Number or other sensitive personal information
  • Securely view and store private medical records
  • ...and more

VFind VStick SysAdmin

VStick SysAdmin Image The VFind VStick SysAdmin edition is designed to aid with common tasks performed by systems administrators. It provides tools such as: a partition editor, virus scanning (VSTK), easy access to system drives, many command line utilities, password recovery, backups, and more.

VFind VStick SysAdmin will allow you to:

  • Scan and disinfect machines infected with malware
  • Recover data from machines which have been compromised or disabled
  • Automatically backup drives to an external device*
  • Reset system passwords when you've lost access
  • Repartition hard drives
  • ...and more

*Must be configured to do so using the backup utility provided with VStick SysAdmin.

One Product For All Your Computers

Since VFind VStick has it's own Operating System, it's platform independent. As long as you have an Intel or AMD compatible system, the VStick can work with your computer. That's right, the VStick works on UNIX/Linux, Windows and Macintosh computers all with one device.

No More Worries That Your Computer Has Been Compromised

VFind VStick is a self-contained device with it's own operating system, which makes it difficult for viruses and trojans to infect. Once a computer is infected, viruses are extremely difficult to find and remove. Because VStick operates using a RAM-disk, any changes made to the VStick system during operation are only made in RAM, and automatically reset upon restart or shutdown. The next time VStick is used, the system loads the RAM-disk back into memory and you are presented with the same clean environment you had before.

Nothing to Install

The VStick is ready to use as soon as you get it. Plus, the VStick doesn't take up any space on your computer and there is nothing to install. Plug in the VStick, reboot your machine, and follow the simple to understand instructions. That's it!

30-Day Money Back Gaurentee

If you are not satisfied within 30 days, we will refund you the purchase price, less the cost of shipping.

Supported Platforms


VFind VStick (either edition) is supported for use with the following releases of Microsoft Windows:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7


VFind VStick (either edition) is supported for use with all Intel-based, 64-bit Macintosh systems.

Linux / Unix

VFind VStick (either edition) is supported for use with all Intel or AMD based PCs running a Unix or Linux derived operating system.

Coming Soon

Check back to find out when the VStick will be available for purchase.

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