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CyberSoft Training Manuals in Portable Document Format (PDF) are available for download. These comprehensive training manuals teach users of all skill levels how to use CyberSoft UNIX/Linux antivirus products to their fullest potential. Get insight into the many features of our products, while learning basic computer security theory. Find out how we can do more than just help you catch malware.

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Volume 1: Quick Training Handbook for the VFind™ Security Toolkit (VSTK)

This training manual is meant as an introduction to CyberSoft's VFind™ Security ToolKit Family of UNIX/Linux antivirus products. This manual includes some basic theories on computer security, as well as discussions on the different tools included with the VFind™ Security ToolKit and their recommended uses.

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Volume 2: Pattern Matching Using VFind™ and the CVDL Language

The first part of this manual offers an introduction to pattern matching. After giving an easy to understand description of what pattern matching is, the manual goes on to describe how to use VFind™ and the basics of how to use the CVDL language in virus scanning. Later chapters of this manual cover the VFind Scan Engines, the CBayes Scan Engine, the uses of high-level CVDL in antivirus protection, different types of CVDL Expressions, and Macros and Meta Operators. At the end of every chapter is a set of exercises that you can use to better understand what you have read.

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Simple Virus Scanning Protocol

This document on the CyberSoft Simple Virus Scanning Protocol is based upon the Manual pages delivered with the VSTK product along with some sample code. Please note that some aspects of this protocol may not exist in older versions of the program. Enhancements to the protocol are made on a regular basis. It should be noted that VFindD supports multiple protocols in addition to SVSP.

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Demonstration of Operating Two Virus Scanning Daemons Simultaneously

The VFind Security ToolKit Turbo daemon was specifically designed to not be interfered with or to interfere with the operating of other antivirus products that may be used simultaneously on the same system.

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