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Product Price List

Special Licensing

Introducing special licensing for all VSTK family products, with competitive market pricing for volume purchases. License any edition of the VFind™ Security Toolkit for only the length of time that you need it. Get the robust protection and flexibility you want while still meeting budgetary requirements for your project.
Contact our sales department for more information about this option.

Product Pricing

VFind Security Toolkit

The VFind™ Security Toolkit is a suite of four powerful network, computer security, and anti-virus utilities that provide flexible and uncompromising protection. The VFind Security product boasts the premier UNIX virus scanner and a unique heterogeneous design that allows for complete virus protection, even in today's multi-platform networks. CyberSoft includes one year of maintenance, virus signature updates and support via Internet with the purchase of VSTK. The product part number is listed in parentheses.

Unit Price: $1,035 (VSTK)


Internet: $350 (VSTK-MSI)
Courier: $595 (VSTK-MSC)

VFind Security Toolkit Turbo

The Turbo upgrade boosts the anti-virus scanning performance of VFind™ Standard with the addition of the VFind™ Daemon. This function is essentially a background process that eliminates the need to re-initialize the scan engine upon each request. Without the overhead of initialization, files are processed as they are received, improving response time and minimizing the effect of virus scanning on the main application.

Unit Price: $1,195 (VSTK-T)


Internet: $475 (VSTK-TMSI)
Courier: $595 (VSTK-TMSC)

Maintenance and Support

Email Support

We will respond to support inquiries within one (1) business day. Please send support-related emails to support@cyber.com.

Telephone Support

Available during normal operational hours Monday through Friday.

VDL Updates via Web

VDL updates are always available from MyCyberSoft (account required) at any time. An email notice will be provided to the designated end user to inform them of the availability of new virus definition updates, however, it is the end user's responsibility to check for and download new updates.

VDL Updates via Courier

Distributed on CD-ROM, shipped twice monthly, or as needed (whichever is the shorter term) via courier.

Product Updates

Product updates are provided via MyCyberSoft (account required) and are made available at no additional charge with your maintenance and suport. An email notice will be provided to the designated end user to inform them of the availability of new software updates/upgrades, however, it is the end user's responsibility to check for and download the new releases.

Payment Options and Taxes

All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars. We accept Purchase Orders (NET 15), company checks, wire transfers, Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. COD is not available. Special note to overseas customers: VAT and or import taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

Fees and Overdue Payments

A shipping and handling fee of $25.00 USD will be added to each order. Choice of carrier and service is decided by CyberSoft, Inc.

Returned check fee is $75.00 USD. Overdue invoices will be charged 1.5% interest per month, 18% annually, or the maximum allowed by law.

Sales Outside of the USA

The VFind™ Security ToolKit has been approved for export under General License GTDU, ECCN 5D002C. A special license is required for export to Country Group SZ which includes, but is not limited to: Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Cambodia, North Korea and Vietnam.

Sales outside of North America can be handled by either a local dealer, if one exists, or directly from CyberSoft. CyberSoft will not export to countries where our copyright is not recognized or enforced unless selling to a company with offices in the United States.


All CyberSoft products are licensed on a per-system basis and licenses are not interchangeable between systems. A copy of the End User License Agreement is included with every copy of our software.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us or email us at sales@cyber.com.