Why CyberSoft's VFind Security Toolkit

The CyberSoft Operating Corporation VSTK product line is relevant and necessary to protect you in these modern times. Old thinking of monolithic protections is unable to keep up with the changes. VSTK is not monolithic, it is an entire tool kit! You have protective tools, reactive tools, and analysis tools, in fact you have everything you need in one kit.

You need more than a virus scanner, you need a cryptographic baseline management tool to let you know when some sneaky software gets past your defenses. You want a tool that can react to unauthorized baseline changes without your having to worry. You need a virus scanner that is flexible, up to date and can be used the way you want, when you want. This is a multi-layered approach to security that reinforces security.

Not only do you get all of these features but also they are provided in the form of tools you can interface them with your systems. They work the way you need, you don’t have to adapt to them.

VSTK predicts changes in how software will attack you and reacts to them in advance using this multi-layered approach. We add new engines and remove obsolete engines from our virus scanner on a regular basis. The flexibility of a fully featured virus description language means that many attacks can be detected without new routines. Real Time Scan system for Linux, Visual Console graphical user interface, Visual Console network control system, and high speed sidecars generating scans on desktop pcs exceeding 3 Gigabytes/Minute all mean that CyberSoft’s VSTK products are able to deal effectively with malware and modern attacks.

Future plans are adding the new Hashing Algorithm (SHA3) to both our baseline management tools and as an engine to our virus scanner as soon as the government approves the standard. New high-speed data rejection engines will increase our virus scanner’s ability to stay ahead of the curve. Predictive systems allow the virus scanner to detect new previously unknown versions of existing families of attack software. These predictive systems will be expanded into new high speed engines with even greater ability to detect unknown attacks. New automated testing systems will insure that VSTK always exceed user expectations and demands while maintaining speed.